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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Days and Long, Dark Nights

At this time of year here in the Pacific Northwest, we have about 8 hour of (rainy) daylight and 16 hours of darkness. Lots of indoor projects!

As we have read, our little gnomes are very skilled in crafts and building. Gnomes have learned to harness nature's energy to power various tools. They have been using the wind to grind corn and nuts, etc. The swaying breezes in a tall tree are cleverly harvested to drive saw mils for home building and furniture making using a series of pulleys and ropes. Likely all these pulleys, levers, brackets and gears are made inside over the long winters.

Our farmers also spend the off-season working on fixing equipment /Add to wood working, candle making, pottery, tool making. home repair and of course, more beer and they seem to fill in the time. Gnomes  use natural energy. As simplistic as they are ingenious! All is well.

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