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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Woodland Gnomes

Woodland Gnomes

Woodland Gnomes on a walk in the snow
This is a very hardy group of gnomes who live in the forest and trees. They work very hard during the summers gathering food for themselves and tending to home building and repairs. They have a very strong relationship with the forest animals who they look after in the winders. Woodland gnomes are excellent wood crafters and tool makers. They have perfected the skill to make beer and wine in little woodland stills. Perhaps the human moonshiners had some woodland gnomes assisting? We have placed several gnome homes in our Whimsical Woods to attract these little helpers. None spotted yet, but will let you know. They are mostly hidden and tucked away, but that’s how they like it. They woodland gnomes and garden gnomes are buddies and trading partners. They explains why I’ll find a ripe strawberry sitting on a forest path. Somebody dropped it? Woodland gnomes like a visit to a garden, so best be good friends with the little keepers of the garden. Plenty to share.

Woodland gnomes wear the traditional red hat, green jacket, brown belt and brown pants. Always carry a little tool and they love big furry boots. Tough little people, but they enjoy their woodland homes and life.

All is well.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House Gnomes

Home Gnomes at their door with a welcome

Ole the Gnome with a Whimsical Woods Gnome Door
Said to be very observant of humans day and night. They have developed a number of home economic skills that are overlooked by the average homeowner; from tending to the house plants, dripping faucets, squeaky floors and other night time noises. They love human food, except meat, so searching for crumbs is a nightly outing. Almost empty wine or beer glasses are a real find. Add a few nuts and fresh vegetables, and you have some happy gnomes.

When unhappy, especially when you are home along, things seem to break such as the dishwasher, washing machine, sink plugs up, etc. Seems nothing is going well. Ever think you put something down somewhere, but when you go to get it, it’s not there? Been looking for something for weeks, looked every where, then all of a sudden is shows up where you’ve looked many times? Humm, those gnomes are at it again! Best leave some beer or wine out in a glass. Again, they live with us, watch us and love to play jokes on us. Have fun, return the humor and then all will be well.

Need an attractive gnome door on the floor next to your fireplace or front door? We have them and they’ll surely attract attention and smiles for all.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Garden Gnomes

A Garden Gnome
Ole - our Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes are very popular and a desired visitor to most any garden. You want them to keep a lookout and assist in your garden’s success. These little helpers can turn a black thumb into a green thumb in one season!

They are fully aware of organic gardening skills and care for various vegetables and flowers. They are know to be very shy and moody as well as very observant of us and nature. We want to keep them happy with fresh water, red strawberries and little snail tins full of fresh beer. Most important, lots of fresh beer! They will deal with the slugs and snails after they brink your beer. And all these years you were taught that snails crawled into the beer and drowned. The Garden gnomes drink the beer and then toss the snail in. Very smart. Venture into your garden at night and listen for a little “belch” or “burp.” Have you ever seen a snail or slug actually crawling into a beer filled tin? But you find them there in the morning. So, there you go. Garden gnomes are very good to have. You’ll need a gnome home, however, for them and you already “gnome” where you can get one of those!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whimsical-Woods/189899564463?ref=ts

All is well. Spring is coming. Months away though.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Family of Gnomes

The Family of Gnomes
There are many different kinds of gnomes with no limit to one’s imagination on a lot more. We most often think of garden or woodland gnomes as those two seem to receive the most attention. The House Gnome population is growing, however. The good spirits they bring into a family home is hard to measure, but if welcomed, you’ll “gnome” it!

Each type of gnome has a little different style of clothing and mannerisms. However, they all have the tall, ever important pointed hat, usually red, but sometimes a little orange to green colored. Over the next few weeks, I will try to provide a little insight into the differences of the different types from what I’ve read and what I can imagine. I will try to include pictures if possible to help illustrate the visual differences.

A Boat gnome? Yep, a little fat fellow stuck inside a round tube like a floating device. Looks like a tall red hat on top of a fat cupcake. That would make a good fishing bobber I think. All in fun.

All is well here at Whimsical Woods. Big events in the near future. Keep in touch and visit our Facebook posts too - and Like us! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Whimsical-Woods/189899564463?ref=ts