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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2012 from Whimsical Woods

Merry Christmas from Whimsical Woods and the Gnomes
From our Whimsical Woods to your homes, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. From our crew and little fellows here, we all thank you for your support in 2011. We appreciate your mail, photos and your orders for special log bird houses and custom gnome homes.

Our hope is to continue to spread the Gnome news and bring a little joy to those who can imagine and share with the family. Whimsical Woods will be spreading out to bigger craft shows in 2012. We’re hoping to be accepted to the Anacortes Arts Festival  and the Olympia Harbor Days. If we are accepted, we’ll let you all know and the dates. We’re looking now to branch out to spread the smiles. You never “gnome!”

Thank you all again. Please send us your feedback and your own photos so we can share the fun we’re having. (val@whimsicalwoods.net).

All is well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Val & Nancy Jackson
Whimsical Woods
Port Angeles, WA

Monday, December 19, 2011

Three Wise Men Come!

Three Wise Men (Gnomes) at a Gnome Home
As the Christmas season approaches, we often hear the story of the Three Wise Men from afar who traveled to find a baby. It is possible the gnomes come from a Scandinavia heritage, which likely has a strong Christian base learned from their human neighbors. I haven’t read of any Christmas celebrations per say, but have read that the birth of a young gnome does bring in wise older clan members to celebrate the new birth. Perhaps they are guided by a friendly night owl with bright white neck feathers to be seen in the dark. Some special little gnomes do grow up to become king. Great respect is given to the gnome king and queen and they are recorded in the Great Book in a secret place deep in the woods.

Other than teasing trolls, a gnomes’ favorite past time is watching us humans and copying our habits and activities. No doubt, I think, somewhere here in the Whimsical Woods there is a small decorated Christmas tree soon to be surrounded with special woodlands gifts of food, tools and handcrafts. Maybe there is a Santa Gnome, pulled by a small flock of flying birds. What a sight that would be.

Three wise men come to see a new baby gnome on a special night in a nearby Whimsical Woods. You just never “gnome!”

All is well here in our Whimsical Woods.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"John Beer" Gnome Tractor

"John Beer" Tractor and Gnomes
These little people are so smart and observant - monkey see, monkey do! They must  be jealous of me on my John Deere tractor working the garden, fields and Whimsical Woods! It’s just like them to figure out how to copy me. Maybe now they’ll leave my berries and other garden goodies alone. I’ve never read of gnomes turning to internal combustion power, but that’s why we live here in Whimsical Woods. Next, I’ll find a gnome camper trailer that is strapped to the underside of a large Canadian Goose for the gnomes to vacation in!

If a gnome can build and drive a “John Beer” Tractor, no telling what’s next. I’ll say this, picking to build a John Deere (“John Beer”) was the best choice! I’ve heard a visit to the John Deere factory is worth the time and effort. Wonder if the gnomes somehow snuck in? I’ll keep my eyes open next Spring for the little fellows in our field where they may have planted. One possible surprise would be the use of bio-fuel to run the tractor. Likely they’ve come up with some simple formula, They know how to brew beer, ferment wine and now make bio-fuel!

Sounds like a good earth life to me. Oh, one last note. Fred Meyers stores have a lot of homeless gnomes who would like to be loaded into your car. :-) All is well.