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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BOO! - Guess Whoo!?

A gnome in disguise!
No good gnome would dress up in a costume and dare go out on Halloween. But if they did, it might be a very simple, yet “gnome-ish” looking appearance.My feelings are they would go door to door with a mug in their hand looking for adult libations from neighbors who want to share. I think gnomes don’t need a special occasion as they likely do it quite often. Does this sound like us? Adult trick-or-treaters with a glass in hand - I’ve heard of that!

Our local gnome agreed to pose for this picture. Hard to recognize him. You would never “gnome” who he was. ha ha

So, go forth and have a happy Halloween. Look out for these little guys. Say - anyone ever see a gnome Halloween costume for kids? Maybe someone will send me a photo so I can post it.

All is well here in Whimsical Woods.