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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Gnome Door, Cedar
Gnome Door, Fir
When we see an artistic garden gate, or a large unique driveway entrance, we subconsciously wonder what is behind it as it  pulls our interest beyond the gate.

I feel the same way about gnome doors and the illusions they trigger in one’s imagination. That’s what I want to happen when you place a gnome door at the base of your favorite tree. I think the more whimsical and natural, and the more real gnome like the better. Plastic doors and windows made in China, just don’t stimulate my imagination.

If you do not have a natural gnome home, then I think you should find the best looking natural real wood door you can find. Let’s say you have a small grove of  trees outside your window.

Setting out a few well designed little doors with soft ground level 12 volt DC lighting at night will landscape your small grove into an imaginary gnome village. How fun! Can you see it in your mind now? Perfect! All will be very well. Need help? Let me “gnome” - ha ha

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