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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Days Continue - Oh Nuts!

Spring is still a couple months away with long dark nights and short cloudy days. The weather doesn’t seem to bother our Whimsical Woods gnomes however, They continue about their daily chores and activities. Repairing their homes and wood gathering takes up a lot of their time.

There is always time for fun however. I imagine snowball throwing, sledding and hide and seek games. I also imagine gnomes help the animals find food and remind the squirrels where they hid their acorns and my bird seed. With a barn or two nearby, a group of gnomes can haul away a good amount of high priced horse or rabbit food in a single night. At home here, we put out a little tub of various nuts and they disappear very quickly. Gnomes do not seem to like citrus, but put out a strawberry and it is gone in no time! Not sure they eat it all, but like to share with the  small rodents and other creatures of the forest.

They are very responsible and loyal to those who help them. Hopefully, they have learned that from us over the centuries. That is a good thing.

With that, this is nuts! But likely to crack you up! Sorry. All is well.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gnome Caps

Gnome Caps: Red for males and black for females

Male gnomes wear tall pointed red caps and female gnomes wear tall black caps. Other than the caps and the men's beards, the gnomes look very much alike in features. Females wear darker, camouflage colors than the men, while the male gnomes wear the brighter colors.

So, why the pointed caps? One might guess it is to protect gnomes from falling nuts, pinecones, rain or even airborne animals of prey. We also know, from earlier stories, that the caps help the gnomes locate each other in deep snow and for making tunnels under the snow. 

To a gnome, his/her cap is their identity, a reflection of ones self and presence. What an elder gnome must think when he sees young kids today with their caps on backwards! Gnomes takes very good care of their cap by cleaning it daily. It has to be just right, fit well and stand tall.

Should a stray cat come upon a gnome at night, the hat is sacrificed to the cat allowing a speedy escape. Gnomes receive their caps at a young age. Green for girls and red for the boys. With the soon to be movie release (Disney’s “Gnomeo and Juliet”), I’m sure this Fall you’ll see gnome hats in the stores. Maybe gnome hats will become as popular as the Mickey Mouse ears - who knows?

Maybe someone will make me a tall gnome cap. Maybe too much? All in fun of course. I get the point. :-) All is well.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Berryball Playoffs 2011

Gnome Berryball Playoffs 2011

Yes, gnomes play ball games. I’ve read they play a form of rugby. Kind of difficult with a tall pointed red hat, but they seem to enjoy getting wet and dirty. Berryball is like our soccer played by children and adult men. They use a fat rose hip or a fresh snow berry. There are neighborhood fans cheering on both sides. Lots of food cooked over their little fireplaces. Of course, beer and lots of it for both players and fans alike. It must be played in the early morning light, which is towards the end of their day. The little guys have very fast feet and carry lots of speed. That would be quite a sight to see! I wonder if they have little numbers on their backs? From what I can learn, they all look alike. Perhaps the numbers are attached to their tall hats.

Coming up is Berryball Sunday, Feb. 6. There will probably be many full little stomachs and
hangovers. One thing they may not have is Berryball commercials, but then again I don’t know for sure. I’ve heard the “Forest Fir Climbers” are favorites over the “Garden Grape Crushers.” Will advise. Win or loose, it would be a great event to watch. That’s where the extra snow berries have gone!

Enjoy the games and your friends. It all seems to be great fun. All will be well.