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Monday, January 31, 2011

Gnomes and Birds

You will find gnomes and birds are the best of friends and, like best friends, depend on each other. A good gnome will always have a pocket full of dry bird seed to share. Probably very early morning as they meet at the first sign of daylight.

A gnome will also move  a forest log to expose fresh bugs or worms for their bird friends. Gnomes are said to be 7 - 10 times stronger than a man for their size. They love smashing dried poppy seed heads. What the birds don’t eat goes into bread making or likely a drink.

When gnomes need special transportation, they call upon a pheasant with a specially attached little basket around its neck. For long trips, we know they call upon geese which are used to flying long distances. Think of them as the 747 of gnome travel.  So, when it comes to helping friends, the gnomes take very good care of the birds and they return the favor. Not sure about chickens, but one can just see a chubby little gnome rolling away a few fresh eggs for breakfast! One egg would feed the whole family.

Spring is a long way away yet. The more bird seed the better for the birds and gnomes.

All is well in our forest here in the Pacific Northwest. Big weekend ahead. Gnomes Berry Ball Playoff. More on gnome games soon. Beer and Berry Ball. Sounds familiar!

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