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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

North American Gnomes

Garden Gnome
Where do the gnomes live around the country, you might ask? I haven’t read of a single confirmed sighting by any two people simultaneously spotting one of our little fellows. I have seen a map showing a high concentration around all the Great Lakes, the very northeastern tip of Maine, and here in the Pacific Northwest. The climate and temperature zones are similar to the gnomes original roots in Central Europe.

We see the same type of dress, home styles and woodland behaviors that their great ancestors had. It has been reported that there is a large population in Canada, around Hudson Bay. With gnomes’ ability to hitch a ride on  migrating Canadian geese, it is not surprising to expect them in Northern USA, but I haven’t read of any gnomes in Arizona or Florida. They like short days and long winter nights. A gnome in flip-flops and sunglasses can only come from China or Disneyland, or maybe the Dollar Store at 50% off!  ha ha

Now, with our days at about 16 hours of light, I expect the gnomes to be well rested as they sleep during the day and are up working at night. Snails are very plentiful now, so for snail bait. Go for the little saucer of beer. The little guys love beer and when your gnomes are happy, it will be all is well for you and your family! Keep putting some bird seed out, especially black sunflower seeds. Happy campers. Beer and sunflower seeds. Sounds like a ball game.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gnome Windows

Gnome Windows
You have seen Whimsical Woods’ gnome homes, gnome doors and now, gnome windows! Like the doors, these are designed to be attached to your favorite tree or stump to turn it into an imaginary gnome home. The windows I’ve seen advertised look plastic and certainly not made of woodland natural materials.  Place these windows along with our natural doors and you will have created the appearance a fine looking gnome home.

Low voltage, 12 vac outdoor landscape lighting can be an great addition. I suggest a couple of fixtures at about 10 watts each, placed about 15 feet back to provide a soft yellowish glow. I’ll be posting some night photos soon.of a gnome home installation I did.

No two windows are the same, so the character will come alive. I may try some other styles in the future. As for a door and window kit, give us a call or email. We can come up with a package arrangement and ship them out to you.

Spring is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest. The forest is waking up and lots of new life is about. Get out and get into your garden! All will be well.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gnome Homes on a Big Old Cedar Stump

This woodland setting, here in the Pacific Northwest, is the perfect setting for an attractive gnome home placement. The property owner, Tom, saw a location off of his back deck and asked me to install a small village around a very old cedar stump. We decided to arrange three large gnome homes around the stump and up-light them with waterproof 12 VAC low voltage outdoor lighting. After a few sketches and the okay from Tom, I was off to make the three large gnome homes.

The project is now complete and turned out perfectly. A real eye catching transformation of an ordinary wooded setting. The pictures show the before and after to maybe stimulate your imagination. Enjoy, Tom and family! You have a one of a kind landscape.

A side note: When installing 12 VAC low voltage outdoor lighting, buy quality, waterproof fixtures from a trusted dealer rather than from a “box” store. A little more money, but built much better and will last longer. Weather will destroy cheap low cost fixtures. Some basic understanding and care installing outdoor lighting can change the whole landscape appearance. Nobody likes runway looking path lights, but you sure see a lot of them!

The Sequim Open Aire Market opens here in Sequim on Sat., May 14 from 9 am to 3 pm on Cedar Street, downtown Sequim. (We’re about 2.5 hrs. Northwest of Seattle). It would be a beautiful day tip up to the Olympic Peninsula. Come by the Market and look for us, Whimsical Woods. (No place like gnome!) :-) All is well when the gnomes are happy.