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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News and Gnome Activities

There is news and activity here on our forest floor regarding the pending cooling days ahead. Somehow the ducks and geese flying overhead have alerted the gnomes of a bad winter this year. Gnomes have special means to predict future weather by looking at the foliage and watching the ants. I sometimes see little piles of deer fur here and there which the Gnomes use to make warm boots. We have lots of deer, so no shortage for boots! Likely we’ll see little stacks of seeds and nuts next as they prepare for winter. Here I thought the birds were eating all my food! The Gnomes dwell in the forest and with our vegetable garden nearby, I think they are very happy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Place Like Gnome!

This  begins a frequent entry in a series of Gnome News from our place here, Whimsical Woods.

We are blessed with an endless supply of old, downed trees from which I   construct wonderful gnome homes, along with bird houses.

We have been rewarded with the Gnomes’ friendship and trust. Through these little fellows’ magic means of communication, they let me in on their forest news and adventures, which I will be sharing. It is with their help I can bring you their stories for all those who understand and to which it will bring a smile and a moment of joy.

So, let us now start the adventures of No Place Like Gnome!  The story begins.

Once upon a time . . . . . . .