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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Gnome Homes

I have read that single male gnomes start building their woodland log homes well before they get married. They must have a proper completed home approved by the council and the bride’s family before the marriage. It takes years of father-son work to complete the home, but they live to about 360 years. I sped up the process by turning old stumps into perfect new structures. I will post a picture of one of these here for you to see. Hopefully a gnome family will now take over and complete the interior with an entrance, stairs, trap doors, living quarters, escape routes, fireplace, stove, etc. More on that later. Gnomes are excellent craftsmen so in time it will become a home for one of them. No place like Gnome!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


As the wild geese begin their practice flights about our property, the gnomes have worked out a ride-along agreement.  This is their preferred method of travel to visit clans and offspring that have settled in a nearby forest here on the Olympic Peninsula. We thought the geese were honking at each other, but maybe they’re communicating with the gnomes riding on their long necks! At 245 to about 300 grams, they’re an easy load for an adult Canadian goose. I’m sure the visits are short as there is much to do in preparation for the colder winter ahead. Hang on there!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Strawberry Poachers

Garden gates keep the deer out of our garden, except when I forget to latch it, but that doesn’t stop our forest gnomes. Ripe strawberries look just like their little pointed red hats. I’ve got some to spare and do share, but will they take the whole berry? No! Just a nice big, round hole where they may have used a tool to carve out a section. They take a little from a different berry every night. The berries are organic and very sweet. Some rhubarb is left, so why not mini strawberry rhubarb pies? Just a thought. Better watch my raspberries! Gnomes are known to ferment them to make a potent alcoholic drink. Good thing they don’t drive! 

All is well.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Even gnomes are faced with frequent home repair projects. It is known that leaky roofs are a constant challenge for them. Their use of pine cone scales, bigger is better and act like a shingle. They use pine pitch and moss which come together as a water seal. I had some big sugar pine cones with very large scales set out at the edge of the forest. As expected, they’d been moved this morning and some of the larger scales were gone. They are probably wondering how to get more of these type of pine cones. Makes quick work patching the roof. Likely one or two will be made into a gnome recliner chair. Got plenty of extra sugar pine cones to spare!

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Deer" Me!

Last night I left our garden gate open, and there went our beautiful roses! The gnomes had tried to scare the deer away, but gave up and had to resolve to watching and laughing while the deer enjoyed their midnight snack. I expect to find puffs of deer fur now on the gate latch as a little friendly reminder. Their little way of poking fun at me. ha ha - tee hee!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Knowledge and Skills

It takes years of teaching, patience and failed attempts to learn the skills a boy and girl must know. The young boy gnomes learn from their father and the girls learn from their mothers and aunts. Seems all the parents pull together as teachers and role models for the young ones to follow. Maybe they understand this better than we humans! Hmmm!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain and Schooling

Thurs., Sept. 9

Summer is winding down now with the frequent rain and cooler weather here. I saw some deer fur caught on an old barbed wire fence. That is said to be a gnomes way of drying and combing deer fur for winter clothes. I did improve the quality of my birdseed - must be working!

I've learned that the community school in some hidden log is getting ready to open for the gnome kids. The boys learn about tools and making things. School is taught by the most knowledgeable fathers and leaders in the village.

As for the young girl gnomes, they also attend their own schools and learn from their mothers and aunts  the fine art of homemaking including cooking and gardening. Both learn of nature’s animals and their bond to the gnomes’ happiness. I’ve learned it takes years to become a classified good and knowledgeable gnome. Some have said this happens in mid to late 70’s, in a life span of some 300 years!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Activities

With all the Labor Day picnic activities and friends visiting, our gnomes’ peaceful sleep was apparently disturbed. Being night folks who sleep during the day, they are seldom seen in the daylight. I’m sure they found a sip of beer or wine about, so how upset can they really be? Some requested more parties! I’ve used beer in a saucer to catch slugs in the garden, but perhaps it really went into a little gnome bucket for their enjoyment. They don’t much care if it’s dark or light beer, just beer!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Woodland Potluck

With the weekend here, it appears the gnomes will gather for a Saturday night meeting and woodland potluck at the senior's home. Lots of fresh produce from our garden, thanks to their help, provides a plentiful setting. There are plans for a wedding in the future, so I've heard. Seems the right age to settle down is about 100 years old! As they live to be about 300 - 500 years old, 100 seems about right to me. A lot more to come on these plans, I'm sure. A gnome must have a home built before their marriage, Not only completed, but inspected and approved. Kind of like some birds. Maybe I'll scatter some good black sunflower seeds about to add to their banquet along with a red strawberry or two. I know they'll disappear overnight.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Future Wedding!

There are plans for a wedding in the future, so I’ve heard. Seems the right age to settle down is about 100 years old! As they live to be about 300 - 400 years old, 100 seems about right to me. A lot more to come on these plans, I’m sure. A gnome must have a home built before their marriage; not only completed, but inspected and approved. Kind of like some birds.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Warm Fireplaces

Indeed, the seeds and nuts are gone. Hopefully to a warm storage place in the gnomes’ homes. A little light rain fell last night that I’m sure changed work activities there in the woods. If the wind is not moving, you sense the weak smell of little fireplaces. Surely more wood gathering this week for the gnomes. Can’t have too much firewood, they say!