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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gnome Homes

Gnome Home from Birch Log

Thatched Roof Gnome Home
Gnome Homes in a garden setting
From what I have read and heard, the gnome homes vary in appearance across the US and around the world. We  build special log woodland homes and very cute garden gnome homes for those who want to attract our little helpers. Just like bird houses, the use of all natural old logs and forest materials comes together as an attractive and inviting home. No plastic or paint!

Gnomes make various natural color dies for fabric, wood, ceramics, etc. Red for their hats, blue for the jacket and brown for their pants. One I use myself to color new wood to look old and gray is made from steel wool, rusty old nails and white distilled vinegar made up like a tea. You can use red wine too, but only if it went bad and you can’t drink it! A gnome isn’t going to waste wine for coloring.

Gnome home placement: somewhat hidden but yet visible. A grouping of three or more in a small village setting will always bring smiles to both gnomes and humans. I will include some pictures of new settings this Spring. Gnome homes bring goodness and happiness to all and that means all is well.

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