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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gifts and Crafts

Ole Van Sven’s new granddaughter is doing just fine I am told. A new baby in the forest! Many stories to come. As she grows, her mother will teach her how to make clothes, cook, take care of the home and keep all happy. Both parents are experts in various handmade crafts: wood working, pottery, metal working, sewing and helping the small forest animals.

I’ve read that the dividing rod came from gnome folklore as a means to find water underground and other treasures. With these handmade skills, the gnomes make wonderful gifts which they exchange. Some are bakers, pottery makers, blacksmiths and even glass blowers. Gnomes have central community centers where they gather and produce these gifts, tools and crafts. These community locations generate a strong sense of humor and good will. Sharing and gift exchanges are very meaningful experiences for the gnomes.

Peace and happiness follow. All is well.

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