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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Beer Me!

The origin of gnomes can been found in early Scandinavian folk lore going back to approximately 1200 A.D., I’ve come to learn. They migrated to Germany, Russia and most of Western Europe. With that migration, their love of beer is no surprise. They have mastered the art of beer making and no doubt continue to refine that to this day. The basic ingredients are easily found: wheat, rice, hops, barley, yeast, etc. They use what is available.

We planted hops here last year for their foliage and likely some of those hops were taking for beer making. Little did we know, but all to a good cause. Got to keep our little friends happy. If I ever find a small beer keg, I’ll be sure to provide a photo.

Gnomes also make berry wines and fruit drinks which they also consume in volume. Perhaps there is more to the name, “beer garden” - likely a lively spot in the middle of the night!

It all comes together as the gnomes have found a pleasant balance of hard work, hard play and family. Sounds like a very good mix to me. Come Spring, fill those snail tins in your garden with beer. You never know!

All is well. “Gulp” - ha ha ha

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