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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cooler Nights, Warmer Clothes

As we  move into winter, out comes the warmer clothes. That’s the same for the little forest gnomes also. Heavier jackets, pants and fun-lined boots. Gnomes use deer fur that collects on bob wire fences for making clothes, hats and boots. Likely also used for warm bedding and blankets. They also collect bird feathers from chickens and ducks. I’ve never seen or heard of gnomes wearing ear muffs to keep their big ears warm however. Their hearing is excellent, so maybe they don’t want to cover them up. The big leather waist belt is important to keep the body heat in as well as acting as a critical tool belt for their adventures at night. I have also never seen gloves on a gnome (illustration) but have to believe they have made them coming from Scandinavia. Same for a scarf or neck band - no record of them.

It’s too early for now yet here in Sequim, Washington, but the nights are getting a lot colder and wetter. Lots of fallen nuts and sunflower seeds for the gnomes’ delight. Best get the storage room filled before the snow! Firewood is plentiful and easy to find. Must be a busy time for our forest gnomes. Holidays ahead and good times for all.

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All is well. See you at the Market.

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