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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nautical Gnome Home

Nautical Gnome Home

I have not read of gnomes making small boats for their travels. They much prefer to hitch a smoother ride on the back of large migrating birds. Having traveled hundreds of years ago to England, chances are they snuck onto a large sailing ship rather than try it alone. I don’t know if gnomes eat fish, but can imagine them smashing clams and mussels for a tasty meal. No doubt they live near the water’s edge and use those natural resources to construct their Nautical Gnome Homes.

This picture, from Karen, is a nautical style gnome home custom made for her local beach house location. I used sea glass, shells, driftwood and even made a gnome surf board! Where have you ever seen a gnome surf board? Look out O’Neill’s. Now, a gnome in a bathing suit holding a surf board would be something! Maybe I’ll make one and combine it with a gnome. Hang-ten little one.

Thank you Karen for sending us the photo. If you find a little pointed red hat sticking out of the sand, please let me know. :-)

All in fun and all is well. Surf’s up!

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