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Friday, September 9, 2011

Gnome, Where Are You?

A camouflaged Gnome!
At about 6 inches fully grown, an adult gnome is well camouflaged by the clothes they wear and by hiding in the natural surroundings. Most gnomes sleep all day and only come out at night when humans are not likely to see them. If they are out in daylight, I’d think they would try to blend in the best they can. A garden full of red flowers seems to be a perfect cover. Be it a hanging basket full of big red begonias, or a canopy of bright nasturtiums, you might just get lucky and spot one.

You seldom see historical figures of female gnomes in the stories. They almost never venture that far from their forest home like the men do. Their clothing colors are natural green and dark brown, which camouflages them very well.

Seen or not, many have sensed their presence, or so I’ve been told. Like when you feel someone is watching you, but you can’t tell for sure. They sit for hours watching us. Must be like a human TV show to them. Can’t say we don’t sit ourselves down and watch others! Now, that’s entertainment! See you all later as they say. All is well.

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