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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gnomes' Thanksgiving

Indeed there is a Thanksgiving celebration for our little friends. Like us humans, it is to give thanks for a great harvest, family and good friends. Gnomes are not meat eaters, so their meals consist of a variety of nuts, berries, mushrooms, fruit and some healthy greens. As we know, they love beer and fermented beverages. Throw in a few potatoes and beets and you have a fine feast. No turkeys! Many gather at various homes with friends to celebrate, tell stories and talk about family, and of course, the weather. It must be a great time, and always too much food. Not much different than our Thanksgivings.

The snow has stopped, so the gnomes are out at night gathering more firewood, nuts and helping their forest friends. The nights are much longer now, so lots of time to keep busy. Our little friend, Ole an Sven is upset, it seems, because I’m out of bird seed for the birds and him! He turned over the bird seed dish as a reminder. Will refill it later today. Must keep everyone happy. All will be well.

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