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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Footprints in the Snow!

Winter snow has come to the forest and deep enough to get lost! Good thing gnomes have pointed red hats! Gnomes move at a strong, fast speed. What I thought were only mice tunnels under the snow, could be a gnome hat “snow plow”  cutting a little tunnel under the snow. To disguise their footprints, they’ll make up snow shoes that leave a bird-like footprint. Some use raccoon or squirrel shoes. You can’t tell the difference. Look around your yard or near the tree line for these little footprints. At 6” tall, the footprints are close together. Follow them and see where they lead. You might have little neighbors.

With very keen sense of smell and direction, gnomes do not get lost in deep snow. They will always share their food supply with the other, smaller animals in the forest. Got those mushrooms in just in time! The forest is snowy white and very quiet now. Beautiful to look at though! All is well.

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