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Friday, September 3, 2010

Woodland Potluck

With the weekend here, it appears the gnomes will gather for a Saturday night meeting and woodland potluck at the senior's home. Lots of fresh produce from our garden, thanks to their help, provides a plentiful setting. There are plans for a wedding in the future, so I've heard. Seems the right age to settle down is about 100 years old! As they live to be about 300 - 500 years old, 100 seems about right to me. A lot more to come on these plans, I'm sure. A gnome must have a home built before their marriage, Not only completed, but inspected and approved. Kind of like some birds. Maybe I'll scatter some good black sunflower seeds about to add to their banquet along with a red strawberry or two. I know they'll disappear overnight.

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