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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain and Schooling

Thurs., Sept. 9

Summer is winding down now with the frequent rain and cooler weather here. I saw some deer fur caught on an old barbed wire fence. That is said to be a gnomes way of drying and combing deer fur for winter clothes. I did improve the quality of my birdseed - must be working!

I've learned that the community school in some hidden log is getting ready to open for the gnome kids. The boys learn about tools and making things. School is taught by the most knowledgeable fathers and leaders in the village.

As for the young girl gnomes, they also attend their own schools and learn from their mothers and aunts  the fine art of homemaking including cooking and gardening. Both learn of nature’s animals and their bond to the gnomes’ happiness. I’ve learned it takes years to become a classified good and knowledgeable gnome. Some have said this happens in mid to late 70’s, in a life span of some 300 years!

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