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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Farm/Barn Gnomes

John Beer Gnomes
These little fellows are the “Mother Earth” super stars on any large or small farmland. They are very tough and rugged in appearance, but very sensitive to the farm and barn animals. They work and live in the outbuildings looking after all the animals that come and go. Food and shelter is provided especially in the winter moths.

Farm gnomes also visit the family garden you find on most rural farms. Their keen communication skills with the barn animals comes in handy around birthing time. They provide coaching and comfort to both the mother and newborn.

Farm gnomes are known to crawl around old farm equipment and enjoy playing tractor driver just like a little kid. They are smart enough to know not to turn the key on! If by chance your tractor somehow cranks up some dark night, you’ll “gnome” who did it! Get them a little toy tractor of their own We did! Farm gnomes are easy to please. Beer works best. Pop a few in the barn and leave the cans.

All is well.


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