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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

House Gnomes

Home Gnomes at their door with a welcome

Ole the Gnome with a Whimsical Woods Gnome Door
Said to be very observant of humans day and night. They have developed a number of home economic skills that are overlooked by the average homeowner; from tending to the house plants, dripping faucets, squeaky floors and other night time noises. They love human food, except meat, so searching for crumbs is a nightly outing. Almost empty wine or beer glasses are a real find. Add a few nuts and fresh vegetables, and you have some happy gnomes.

When unhappy, especially when you are home along, things seem to break such as the dishwasher, washing machine, sink plugs up, etc. Seems nothing is going well. Ever think you put something down somewhere, but when you go to get it, it’s not there? Been looking for something for weeks, looked every where, then all of a sudden is shows up where you’ve looked many times? Humm, those gnomes are at it again! Best leave some beer or wine out in a glass. Again, they live with us, watch us and love to play jokes on us. Have fun, return the humor and then all will be well.

Need an attractive gnome door on the floor next to your fireplace or front door? We have them and they’ll surely attract attention and smiles for all.


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