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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

North American Gnomes

Garden Gnome
Where do the gnomes live around the country, you might ask? I haven’t read of a single confirmed sighting by any two people simultaneously spotting one of our little fellows. I have seen a map showing a high concentration around all the Great Lakes, the very northeastern tip of Maine, and here in the Pacific Northwest. The climate and temperature zones are similar to the gnomes original roots in Central Europe.

We see the same type of dress, home styles and woodland behaviors that their great ancestors had. It has been reported that there is a large population in Canada, around Hudson Bay. With gnomes’ ability to hitch a ride on  migrating Canadian geese, it is not surprising to expect them in Northern USA, but I haven’t read of any gnomes in Arizona or Florida. They like short days and long winter nights. A gnome in flip-flops and sunglasses can only come from China or Disneyland, or maybe the Dollar Store at 50% off!  ha ha

Now, with our days at about 16 hours of light, I expect the gnomes to be well rested as they sleep during the day and are up working at night. Snails are very plentiful now, so for snail bait. Go for the little saucer of beer. The little guys love beer and when your gnomes are happy, it will be all is well for you and your family! Keep putting some bird seed out, especially black sunflower seeds. Happy campers. Beer and sunflower seeds. Sounds like a ball game.

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