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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ole-An-Sven’s New Granddaughter

Gnome Baby Leah
In our wonderland here, Whimsical Woods, we have a new granddaughter born in Dec. Her name is Leah. Here she is - dressed in the correct gnome outfit of pink clothing and a green gnome hat! Of course, she is very cute and you can see the natural gnome smile and big, bright eyes.

Even little gnome babies have excellent eyesight and hearing at an early age. The gnome children upbringing mainly falls on the mother and grandmothers. The fathers are out working and taking care of the forest animals. When they return at dawn, after a long night of work, they will play with the little ones telling stories, singing, laughing and maybe a knee horse ride. Then it is off the bed. As the gnome children grow up, they will be taught the various arts and drafts of home making. There is much to learn and they will spend about 1/3 of their life with their family, or about 100 years, before they marry and move out. A lot of time to learn!

We will post updates on little Leah’s progress over the summer. Grandmom Nancy is enjoying time now with gnome baby Leah. A very nice gnome hat also, I must say!

All is well. Frost last night again, but warmer days are ahead. More stories in May.

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