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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gnome Mobile

Well, the gnomes made me do it! Why not give our broken state a little extra money for a specialized license plate? All in fun, of course. I now see people pass me and stare at me real hard. I guess they expect to see a little gnome driving. I sure don’t look like one though. I smile and wave back and off they go. We’ll add our website address on the back deck here shortly.

If Oscar winners can have a winner mobile, then our gnomes can have a Gnome Mobile! Sounds fair to me.

So, if you see us out and about, now you’ll know who we are. We often travel down to N. California on other business, so you may see us on Highway 5, 50 or in the San Francisco Bay Area, our old stomping grounds. Again, all in fun.

We haven’t seen the new Disney movie yet, “Gnomeo and Juliet” but maybe soon. Let me “gnome” what you think. :-)

More large gnome home photos coming. One recently purchased and installed by Glenn in the midwest, is very well done. Leprechauns and gnomes?? Well, both love lots of beer, so they probably get along just fine. That’s okay with me. All is well. Gnome Mobile over and out!

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